Move gently on the wave of Time

And the preacher says ……

….. what time is it? Where does the time go? Oh, look at the time! Time to go! Time to get up! Time to rest. Time to eat! Time for work. Time for play. Oh, time for the news!

What are you doing with your time?

The first gift of life for all living things is the gift of time. The definition of time is “Energy at the instant it touches us”. We can’t see it or touch it or taste it or smell it. It is this unknowable energy that affects us all the time. We have the subtle power to control it in and around ourselves. We look at what man has made using his time wisely. We also see what man has destroyed, abusing his gift of time. Pity.

Time wears itself on us. We pass through each day with plenty of time and before we can turn around, the time has run out. We age. We wear time and time wears us out. Can we change that? Can we identify that energy and use it to our advantage? This is the time of the GREAT SHIFT. The new matrix. The new paradigm. The Golden Age.

Identify the time you are in and control that time to move gently on the wave of Time.



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