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Who We Are

We are a married couple who have actively supported the Cannabis culture for 42 years. We began our journey separately, but were witness to the Nixon war on drugs and the propaganda that followed.

Art is a graduate of Reed College. In 2001 he took on the national non-profit organization known as “The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis”. There are 21 States which have active State Directors under his direction. Art publishes the AAMC newsletter once a month and there are 3,000 citizens who read this on LinkedIn, the social connection website.

Gina is an ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church and keeps a large garden and horses and small animals. For 10 years she grew medical quality Cannabis for medical card-holders and was a registered grow site in the State of Oregon. When the laws changed, she pulled away from this and only grows for our needs.

In 1994, Art and Gina were arrested in the county of Tillamook for growing Cannabis and were the first in our county to defend ourselves based on medical use. We were not jailed, but served in our community for one year.

Art and Gina have been married for 28 years and own our land. We’ve been here for 27 years and are both 68 years old. Gina has been using cannabis as a preventative medicine and has no chronic disease. She uses it primarily for anxiety. Art uses it as a mood adjustment.

One thought on “About

  1. I am Arthur Livermore. I’ve been learning about cannabis since the 1970’s. When I was in medical school I was curious about why they said that marijuana was a drug of abuse. The medical school library had nothing about cannabis in their collection. I found some old medical references at the book store and learned that cannabis was a medicine used to treat delirium tremens, migraine and certain kinds of insanity.

    It began to make sense that marijuana had been blamed for making people crazy. Crazy people used it to be functional people. The “Reefer Madness” story was invented as a way to scare people and demonize marijuana users.

    I’ll be here to help those of you who are wondering about how cannabis can help you.

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