Smart Communities for Smart Cities

The problem of reliable democratic governance is important for the survival of any community, and it will be more and critical over time communities with levels of social connectivity in a society rapidly increasing with speeds and scales of electronic communication.

This might become critically important with the emergence of so-called “Smart Cities” powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) like it has been presented by Ben Goertzel recently. The core of any city is its human population and if the operations at human-level interactions are broken, any AI running on the basis of broken human interactions can make things worse rather than improving them.

Standing Wave Group

Standing Wave Group is designed to provide support for people who are suffering.

Standing Wave Group Description

Alan Watts

Sunrise on earth

Living in space

Congratulations on your graduation

Now you know.

Progress report on Gina

It’s been 10 days since Gina got out of the system. Here in Falcon Cove she has been getting plenty of rest and is making progress using cannabis oil to treat her cancer. It also helps her nerves and she’s getting more movement back in her legs.

This has been an incredible time of love and support from family and friends. Gina is humbled by all the positive energy she’s getting and wants to thank everyone.

More later …

Team Gina

Gina is home again. She’s been through hell. Now we begin TEAM GINA, All aboard!!!

We did it ourselves!

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” – Lao Tzu

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Barriers to research

“When the substances involved may also include potentially forbidden substances resembling THC, which are subject to regulatory scheduling, the barriers to research become greater still. One may wonder, however, how much additional time might have been required to discover the Endo-cannabinoid System (ECS) were not cannabis there to lead the way. Despite its seeming ubiquity, and obvious importance as a homeostatic regulator of human physiology, the ECS topic receives short shrift in contemporary medical education, if mentioned at all. This educational deficit, born perhaps of lingering prejudice towards a plant called cannabis, must surely end soon, as it is contrary and detrimental to potential significant contributions to public health.”

– Ethan B. Russo

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