Big full moon. Harvest time.

And the preacher says …..

The October winds have come with a vengeance. Woe to those who have not braced themselves against it! Are you fit? Have you embraced your spiritual self to help you sustain in the days and storms ahead?

So, I get a letter the other day from a “psychic” out of New York who claims he is my defender in the spiritual court of Universal Law. Wow! Where do people get such ideas? Well, I wasn’t in any sort of mind to think I even needed a defender. And so I wrote him a letter back telling him who he was addressing. After all, I’m just on a mailing list and I wasn’t engaging in his allegations. Let’s be honest. Step up and call them on their schemes to scare you into thinking those preposterous stories are true. Psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, all just get in the way of the light that is trying to reach you. Not just that group of people, but others too. Buyer Beware.

Big full moon. Harvest time. Cycle of time. Time of the great shift. Live in gratitude and grace. And remember, after chaos comes order.

Blessings to all.

Rev. Gina