And the who said what?

It’s been awhile since I’ve chatted with you. The world as we knew it is fast fading away. If you’ve not paid much attention to what’s going on around you, I strongly suggest you do scan the perimeter and take a stand. We are in the storm.

The economy has wrecked havoc.
The weather has wrecked havoc.
The animals are fighting back.
The religions are breaking down.
The infrastructure is falling apart.
The government is not governing.
The police are in charge.
Our society is killing one another.
Lies are rampant.
Want to talk about the water?

Wake Up! Grow Up!

Re-Think – Re-Form.

Rev. Gina

The Science of Systems

So, it’s not just an intellectual pursuit. I want to fight these forces of evil, because that is what they are. I want you to join me in that fight. I want to share, in this book, my weapons – the weapons I’ve learned from the enemy.

What’s my most powerful weapon? What’s the weapon that can finally win? It’s not a gun or a bomb. It’s the science of systems. It’s seeing and really understanding how things are connected. And it’s also seeing all the traps and distractions that are put in your way. Here’s the best part. Once you learn this science – once enough people understand it – we can create an army that will win the war. Which is the first thing they don’t want you to know!

To distract you, to keep you feeling small and helpless, what they want to do is indoctrinate you. They want to “convert” you because, as Marx said, “Religion is the opiate of the people.”

V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai