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And the preacher says …

And the preacher says … Rev. Gina

Given the political climate today I see there is alot of agitation going around. I’m sure you can feel it too. Maybe you’re experiencing financial set-backs or a lost relationship. Maybe even a broken marriage. Whatever level of un-rest we personally are going through, we realize all of the “others” are going through it too.

Doesn’t make it all-right, but knowing we are not alone helps us to maintain a high minded perspective. We smoke or eat the Sacred Medicine to achieve balance within. To help with physical or emotional pain. To stay clear in our intentions and focus on our goals. The medicine allows us to feel better. To eat more. To sleep and dream.

Such a wonderful gift our mother, Gaia, has provided in abundance. Use it often and Be Well.

Postscript: Rev. Gina is a minister for the Universal Life Ministry. For the last 12 years she has been a provider of medical cannabis and counsels patients out of her home. She is an avid gardener and services animals. Dusty the pony – Coyote the mini-mule and Lucky the goat.