The Purpose of Cannabis Wave


To correct the errors in judgment about the essentials of Cannabis through historical information and medical guidelines.

To identify the attitudes that have produced the current fear of Cannabis in some circles.

To clarify the misinformation about Cannabis that has been used to suppress people.

To discuss the medical uses of Cannabis and provide assistance to patients who are using it.

To create a community of people who know about Cannabis.

To tell the stories of people who have worked to inform us about this plant.

To open the door to creative insight with Cannabis.

To increase tolerance and enhance communication between Cannabis people and other groups.

To promote healing of people who suffer from PTSD and other emotional issues.

To cultivate a cooperative spirit and share experiences.

To enable a new paradigm where Cannabis is no longer demonized.

To encourage a caring attitude so people will help each other.

To encourage a giving culture where people give as much as they get.

To allow feelings to be expressed and understood.

To provide relief to people who are suffering both physically and psychically.

To recognize the sacredness of the Cannabis plant.

To make Cannabis therapy available to all people on the planet.

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