Martin the Cobbler

MARTIN THE COBBLER is a heartwarming video based on a short by Tolstoy. Martin is a lonely shoe maker who has completely shut out the world around him after the loss of his family. One day a priest asks Martin to repair a Bible for him. Martin does not believe he is worthy but agrees to do the job. When he goes to bed that evening, he has a dream that the Lord will visit him. The next day Martin has some visitors: a poor man who is shoveling snow, a poor woman with her child, and an old woman and young boy fighting with each other. In each situation, Martin is able to help the visitors. That night he reads the book and comes across the phrase “Whenever you do it for one of my least, you do it for me.” Martin realizes that the Lord did visit hymn that day – three times!

The story is uses Claymation characters which are lovable. We feel as if we are in pre-revolutionary Russia. The engineering is not the best, but in a way it adds a certain flavor. I have watched this video many times and have used it with children as well. It never fails to please and tug at the heartstrings!

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