Soul Vaccination

Soul Vaccination is one of the Hottest Funk Bands in the Pacific Northwest. This great band infuses the Stage with the greatest soul standards and has been a fixture in the Northwest music scene for over 15 years, bringing you tunes from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Earth Wind & Fire and Tower of Power.

The band features Glenn Holstrom on Hammond B-3 and Keyboards, along with the precision guitar playing of Max Rees. On bass is Grammy nominated producer, John Linn, and on Drums is Edwin Coleman III, always bringin’ the funk and Groovin’ Hard. Portland’s own Paul Creighton, Mark Wyatt, and Regina K share their soulful vocals styles. Lewis Livermore and Dave Mills carry the backbone sound of the Soul Vax horns on trumpets, with Ron Regan, Gary Harris, & Timothy Bryson on saxophones. Don’t miss our next show.

SOUL VACCINATION | Regina K | Mark Wyatt | Paul Creighton | John Linn | Max Rees | Glenn Holstrom | Edwin Coleman III | Lewis Livermore | Dave Mills | Gary Harris | Ron Regan | Timothy Bryson |

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